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  April 4, 2011: US Muslims leadership visiting Japan victims
Milk sent inside Libya:

Constant power outages, increased nuclear problems, immense infrastructure damage and great number of Tsunami victims living in shelters are still the prevalent post Japan Earthquake/Tsuanmi.

On behalf of Helping Hand for Relief and Development Naeem Baig Executive, Director of ICNA Council of Social Justice and Sh. Abdool Rahman, currently the Imam of Islamic Foundation of Villa Park Illinois are leaving for Japan today to aid in Relief efforts Earthquake/Tsunami affected areas, inshAllah.

They will be leading Friday Khutbas in the two leading masajids in Japan Dar ul Arqam in Asakusa and Hira Masjid in Gyotoku. They will be meeting the Muslim communities who are helping the victims of the disaster through Helping Hand USA.

To donate generously please visit HHRD’s dedicated Japan Tsunami Relief website

-HHRD Team

Approximately $100,000 worth of milk is on its way inside Libya through HHRD. The food will shortly reach inside Libya along with other basic food items. There is a great need for funds to help Libyans. They especially need baby milk, food, medicines and blankets.

Keep the people of Libya in your prayers, visit to donate towards Libya Relief.

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  March 23, 2011: HHRD Director in Japan:
Libya Relief:

Br. Irfan Khurshid, International Programs Director of Helping Hand USA is in Japan right now. Please listen to his detailed interview.

When we spoke with Br. Irfan, it was snowing in Japan. So we can imagine the situation of the people in Japan; there is a big shortage of food, they have lost their houses, everything is in limited supplies and now the weather has been severe for the past few days.

The most affected are the children and elderly. It is getting harder from them to cope with the situation. We have to remember that Japan was not a third-world country. They, like us, were sitting in warm cozy houses, had sufficient food and a good livelihood. Their lives have turned upside down. We should stop to think for a moment that this could happen to any of us.

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Keeping Japan in our prayers,
-HHRD Team

We are all praying for normalcy to return to Libya. Because Libya has become a battle zone, many Libyans are leaving to protect their lives.

The number of refugees has increased multiple folds since the attacks have intensified inside Libya, requiring more aid to the people.

HHRD is providing Libyan refugees with food, water and basic necessities at the border of Libya and Tunisia in Ras Ajdir. To donate please visit

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  March 15, 2011: Japan Tsunami Relief
Libya Relief:

Within hours of the earthquake, Helping Hand for Relief and Development launched the 'Muslims for Japan' Campaign. An estimated 10,000 people have died, several thousands are unaccounted for, and over 300,000 people have been displaced and the death toll is continuously rising.

There is a shortage of everything, from food, water and shelter to transportation.

HHRD Teams have set 6 collection points across Tokyo and nearby cities of Gumma, Chiba, Gifu and Ibraki.

The following items are being collected & distributed from these sites in Japan: Blankets, diapers, flash lights, rice, gloves, masks, dry fruits and water.

Please donate generously at or visit the HHRD dedicated website for Japan Tsunami Relief at

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-HHRD Team


"At any given point there are about 15,000 Libyan refugees at the border of Tunisia and Libya and there are 2000 refugees coming every day," said Br. Irfan Khurshid - HHRD International Programs Director.

There are a lot of organizations present to aid the people of Libya and HHRD is providing them with food, shelter and medicines. $35 will provide for a person for one week. The situation is still volatile and the security issue keeps getting worse.

Please donate for the survival of the people of Libya at Helping Hand USA

March 14, 2011: Death toll rising in Japan...


Assalaamu Alykum,


The death toll is rising. There are tides of bodies surfacing at the shore. The damages are catastrophic. There is a shortage of everything, from food, water, shelter to transportation.


Helping Hand for Relief and Development is on the ground with its emergency teams supplying food, medical assistance and basic necessities to the severely afflicted.


HHRD Teams have set 6 collection points across Tokyo and nearby cities. The following items are being distributed:
Blankets, pampers, torch light, rice, gloves, masks, dry fruits and water.


The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the 6 Richter scale aftershocks were so severe that Japan’s coast has moved 8 feet on the earth’s axis.


There is immense need to help the Japanese. Please donate generously at

May Allah protect us all.


-- HHRD Team.



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March 12, 2011: Japan Earthquake: 100 times worse than Haiti...


Assalaam Alykum,


Japan Tsunami Relief:


‘100 times worse than Haiti, and comparable to the 2004 Tsunami of South East Asia’, says Columbia University Seismologist Jim Gaherty.


Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) Emergency Response Team is on its way with their medical team to assist with food and Medical Assistance.


Islamic Circle of Japan is working in coordination with HHRD in assessing the situation further and helping the Tsunami victims in the early stages of the catastrophe. A lot of Muslims businesses have been affected; many of which were see on the main stream news channels.


There have been confirmed cases of nuclear exposure in a Japan nuclear plant. This could be catastrophic on many levels. Please keep the entire humanity in your duas and whole heartedly donate towards their well being.


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Libya Relief:


Our International Programs Director: Irfan Khurshid is at the border of Libya and Tunisia in Ras Ajdir. 

Please Listen: "Audio Interview from Libya: HHRD Int'l Program Director"


Please listen to his audio interview below. 15,000 – 20,000 refugees are there at the moment; and they need immediate assistance. HHRD is providing them with shelter, food and medical supplies.


To donate towards Libya Relief please visit


-HHRD Team



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March 11, 2011: Japan hit by Earthquake-Tsunami

Source: BBC News



8.9 Richter Scale Earthquake of horrific consequences has hit north-east Japan, triggering a tsunami that is causing extensive damages.


Scores are killed; homes, cars, & key infrastructure all have been swept away and God Forbidding tsunami is projected to bring more dismay to several countries along Pacific Ocean including South America, and North America.


Helping Hand For Relief & Development has immediately announced the Japan-Tsunami Relief Program and our deployment team is making all the necessary arrangements to go into the affected areas.


We urge you all to pray for the humanity getting hit by this devastating tsunami and whole heartedly contribute towards Helping Hand’s Japan-Tsunami Relief Program at www.HHRD.Org



JazakAllah Khairan,


-HHRD Team